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How it Works

Equity release allows owner-occupiers over the age of 65 to sell all - or part - of their homes in return for a lump sum or a series of payments. With equity release there is no set repayment date or monthly loan repayment instalments, instead in addition to the released cash the occupiers can continue to live in the property rent-free for the rest of their lives, with the same security of tenure as if they still owned the property outright. Of course you have the option of moving to an alternative freehold property of your choice at any time.

On the death of the surviving partner, the property is sold and the proceeds are split proportionately between the investor and the tenant's estate if a partial sale has been taken.

The Benefits

For most owner-occupiers, the largest asset they possess is their home. Yet, unless they sell up and buy something smaller, their equity is tied up in the property.

Now there is an alternative to selling up and moving on. With equity release, you get all the benefits of living in your own home - without having to move - and you get to spend the money tied up in your home in the way that you want and at a time when you can enjoy it.

Crown Equity Release has specialist knowledge and experience and with our network of investor contacts, we are able to make equity release offers on a broader range of properties and personal circumstances.

Example Properties

Our approach is flexible and we will be happy to consider all properties and circumstances. For an instant indicator of how equity release works try our online calculator or contact Crown Equity Release for further information.


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NB. The sums paid may differ from those shown because of the property's location, type of construction or (where applicable) length of lease. The sum may be higher if either or both the vendors are in poor health


100% Equity ReleaseCouple in Detached House
  • Open-market valuation
  • Spouses' age
    Male: 76, Female: 74
  • Full equity release
50% Equity ReleaseSingle Male in 95-year
lease flat
  • Open-market valuation
  • 50% market valuation
  • Single owner's age
    Male: 76
  • Total cash sum released

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