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Crown Equity Release only transacts business through FCA regulated equity release advisors. We are very keen to develop long term relationships with equity release specialists.

Step 1. Equity Release Advisor

  • As taking out any equity release plan is probably the biggest financial step that most people are going to take in retirement it is essential that our plan is the best for your needs. At Crown we only handle cases that are referred to us by FCA regulated Equity Release advisers.

    These advisers have chosen Crown because they believe our programme offers the most suitable product for you.

    As members of the Equity Release Council we adhere to their code of conduct. We therefore suggest that you discuss the implications of taking out a plan with your family.

    We would be pleased to recommend a specialist adviser to you if you do not know one.

Step 2. Application Form

  • Your equity release specialist will ask you to complete our application form. This should be returned to us along with your cheque to cover the cost of the survey, this cheque is non-refundable. Once received we will instruct a surveyor to inspect your home; he will contact you directly to arrange a convenient time. The visit should not last more than one hour.

    On receipt of the valuation – a copy of which can be made available to you - we will send you an offer. If this is acceptable we will then place the property with our investor’s solicitors so that he may start the legal conveyance of the property.

Step 3. Conveyance and completion

  • The buyer’s solicitor will contact your solicitor with his requirements. It will be necessary for you to complete a Property Information Form and fixtures and fittings form. The solicitor will then send the Lease and Agreement showing the terms and conditions ( a copy of this lease and agreement may be obtained from Crown). At completion the buyer’s solicitor will send the completion monies directly to your solicitor who will disburse the funds as per your instructions.

    After the completion you will be asked to complete a form twice yearly showing who is living at the property; a carer or family member is permitted but they must sign a disclaimer stating they will vacate the property on the death of the surviving member.

Step 4. Surrendering the lease

  • If you wish to move to another property you may do so as long as it meets the investor’s requirements. In this case your lease would be surrendered and you will be granted another lease that covers the replacement property.

    On the death of the surviving partner the lease is surrendered and your beneficiaries will be asked to provide us with a death certificate; they have 30 days to clear the property so that it may be sold. If you have a partial reversion then we will liaise with them to ensure that they get the best possible price for the property.


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NB. The sums paid may differ from those shown because of the property's location, type of construction or (where applicable) length of lease. The sum may be higher if either or both the vendors are in poor health

Crown Equity Release is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registration number: 464925
Crown Equity Release is a member of the Equity Release Council.

This site is intended for use by IFAs. If you are not an IFA and require guidance please click here and detail your request. Your request will then be directed to an appropriate IFA.

Crown Equity Release is regulated by the FCA to act as an arranger in equity release transactions (FCA registration number 464925).